Is there a name in psychology for when you’re looking for something but can’t find it, even if it’s right in front of you?…

Some people call it inattentional blindness, scotoma, or more artistically stated the representation of “Abractionism”. — Even though you think you are paying attention to the…

Edgar Degas as a Real Entrepreneur.

For those of you who don’t know who the f*ck is Edgar Degas, WELCOME. For those of you who know about Edgar Degas, but don’t understand how he can be connected to startups, MORE THAN WELCOME.

The story begins like this. Fresh morning air of Lori region, some unknown “Art…

The Bridge of Change

When you are trying to escape from the real world,
from the time that makes you feel like a slave
When you are trying to abscond from people you know,
from problems that make you feel useless.
You always find yourself in solitude
where silence only becomes your best friend,
where imagination starts to rule your mind, and,
where sadness makes you think.

That is the reason,
You start to see beauty in loneliness
Beauty which sticks to your life like a drug
And helps to fathom the harmony of the soul.

After a while,
These feelings bring about a change, and,
Solitude becomes the bridge of change
A platform which serves as a tool
To find unique features and life’s purpose

Because if you want to change yourself,
First of all, you have to lose yourself in solitude.

Lian Hakobyan

T-shaped Marketer

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