I am 22 years old, I’ve seen war 3 times.

“What do you think? What is this girl thinking?
Do you see sadness? Do you see pain? Do you see hope in her eyes?”

This girl represents what it feels like to be an Armenian at this moment in time.
It feels pressure, it feels responsibility, it feels power.

On September 27, Azerbaijan army has launched a missile and aerial attack against Artsakh. The adversary launched an offensive along the entire length of the Line of Contact Peaceful settlements, including the capital Stepanakert, have been shelled.
Fighting continued on Monday, September 28, 2020 along the full length of the Line of Contact between Artsakh and Azerbaijan. The situation is still continuing.

This is happening in the 21st century. In the century where people building self-driving cars, searching for life already on Mars, teaching robots to draw, we are still waking up under the sounds of weapons and war.
Is it the same century where both of us are living? I am asking You.

I wanna believe it is not.
But, unfortunately, I cannot, because I am a Center of the reality.
However, even the reality has two sides, cause people like us do things like this.

People Like Us Do Things Like This

People like us believe and fight for the Future.

People like us stand a long queue to give blood for Freedom.

People like us willingly collect food, clothes and medicine for the soldiers and volunteers fighting on the frontline for our Homes.

People like us continue studying and working for their Dream no matter what.

People like us continue believing in Love.

People like us continue Smiling.

People like us continue Living.

#Armenia #ArtsakhStrong #ՀԱՂԹԵԼՈՒԵՆՔ



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Lian Hakobyan

Lian Hakobyan


T-shaped Marketer. Currently working in the Netherlands. Writing based on the mood with free verse style. Join me ⤵️